How It Started

Bauman Family - How it began

Bauman Farms began back in 1984 on a 150-acre farm located one mile from the current retail location, In 1988, Rick and Barb Bauman started a small farm market in hopes of raising enough income so that Barb could stay at home with their budding family. It wasn’t much at first; just an addition with two garage doors Rick built besides the iconic red barn. Their growing number of loyal customers loved it, and they kept wanting more. So they grew & grew…and Rick hasn’t stopped building and expanding since!

As the farm expanded, so did their family. Rick and Barb had 4 kids: Brian, Amie, Cari & Sarah. In more recent years, they have also added 10 great kids: Austin, Allison, Hailey, Madison, Josh, Jacob, Caden, Carli, Corbin and Raegan.

The Harvest Festival started out as a time for their 4 kids to bring their classmates out to the farm to pick pumpkins and play in a small maze made from leftover straw. But soon, the rest of the classes at their school had heard about the fun and they joined in as well! As a result, Rick needed to start building bigger and better mazes to accommodate the larger crowds of kids. Each year since, the family has been blessed with the opportunity to keep growing this event.

In 2014, it was time for Brian and Sarah, the oldest and youngest respectively of Rick & Barb’s kids, to take over the reins of the Harvest Festival. Together they hope to continue building on their family’s tradition of working hard to create a fun, wholesome and authentic farm and pumpkin patch experience . However, they are not alone in this endeavor. Throughout the farm you will see the rest of the extensive Bauman Family and, with their help, it’s our hope that Bauman’s Harvest Festival will continue to be an enduring fun link between the community they serve and the family farm they grew up on.  Welcome and have a great time!

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