September 24 - October 30, 2022    |   Open Tuesday - Sunday, Closed on Mondays

September 24 - October 30, 2022
Open Tuesday - Sunday, Closed on Mondays

2022 Pumpkin Weigh Off

Pumkin weigh off contest at Baumans Harvest Festival - Oregon

Bauman’s 2022 Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off is Saturday, October 1st!

Some of the largest pumpkins and squash in the country have made their way to Bauman’s Harvest Festival. In fact, during the last decade the Great Pumpkin Weigh Off has produced some national and world records! What records will be broken this year?

Bauman’s Giant Pumpkin Drop!

The Giant Pumpkin Drop is at 1:00pm on October 1st! Watch the video below as a 1,000 pound pumpkin is dropped from a crane into a pool of water below!

Once the weigh off and pumpkin drop are complete, the giant pumpkins will be on display at Bauman’s Harvest Festival. If you’ve never seen a pumpkin at more than 1,000 pounds, you are in for a surprise and delight. The Farm will have dozens of pumpkins this size and bigger, making it one of the top weigh offs in the country.

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Bauman 2021 Pumpin Weigh Off Results


Cindy Tobeck-Squash 2030.0
Russ Pugh 1979.5
Jeff Uhlmeyer 1760.0
Jim Sherwood 1575.5
Jack LaRue 988.0
Gary Kristensen 933.0
Ron Barker 910.0
Kendall Spielman 760.5
Jef Treece 649.5
Greg Guy-Rookie 553.5
Thomas Ponton 292.5
Larry Anderson-YOUTH 634.0
Billie Rose Anderson-YOUTH 494.5
Olivia Bucks-DMG 566.0
Seth Reinhart-DMG 392.5
Russ Pugh-EXH 650.5


Brian Williams 134.50

Bushel Gourd

Kendall Spielman 256.5
David Marvin 175.5
Matt Sekreta 63.5

Field Pumpkin

Jef Treece 151.5
Jeff Uhlmeyer 146.0
Sheri Handy 85.5
Brian Williams 82.0
Kendall Spielman 50.5
Jef Treece-EXH 124.5
Jef Treece-EXH 130.5

Long Gourd

Brian Williams 132.25
Matt Sekreta 115.00
David Marvin 80.50


Jack LaRue 5.14
Jef Treece 3.00
Jason Spriggs 2.92
Brian Williams 1.90
Jack LaRue-EXH 4.44
Jason Spriggs-EXH 2.88
Billie Rose Anderson-YOUTH 1.66


Brian Williams 109.0
Jef Treece 68.5

Most Awesome Veg

Brian Williams Tall Corn 218"
Kendall Spielman Tall Corn 129"
Olivia Bucks Sunflower 15"W
Jef Treece Giant Pepper 1.24 lb
Brian Williams Giant Pepper 0.74 lb
Jef Treece Color Corn Pretty
Jef Treece Long Pepper Lengthy
Kendall Spielman Sunflower 14.5"W or 148.2"H


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