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2019 Pumpkin Weigh Off

Pumkin weigh off contest at Baumans Harvest Festival - Oregon

Bauman’s 2019 Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off is Saturday, October 5th!

Some of the largest pumpkins and squash in the country have made their way to Bauman’s Harvest Festival. In fact, during the last decade the Great Pumpkin Weigh Off has produced some national and world records! What records will be broken this year?

Bauman’s Giant Pumpkin Drop!

The Giant Pumpkin Drop is at 1:00pm on October 5th with hosts Mike & Amy from 99.5 THE WOLF! Watch the video below as a 1,000 pound pumpkin is dropped from a crane into a pool of water below!

Once the weigh off and pumpkin drop are complete, the giant pumpkins will be on display at Bauman’s Harvest Festival along the midway through October 31. If you’ve never seen a pumpkin at more than 1,000 pounds, you are in for a surprise and delight. The Farm will have dozens of pumpkins this size and bigger, making it one of the top weigh offs in the country.

1 1,857.00 Tobeck, Cindy Olympia Washington
2 1,747.50 Handy, Steve & Sheri Vancouver Washington
3 1,481.50 McGuire, Michael Beaverton Oregon
4 1,369.00 Sherwood, Jim Mulino Oregon
5 1,318.50 Barker, Ron Bonney Lake Washington
6 1,309.50 Cooper, Brett Cornelius Oregon
7 1,307.50 Edwards, Ron Dallas Oregon
8 1,167.00 LaRue, Jack Tenino Washington
9 1,030.50 Johnsen, Jeff boring Oregon
EXH 915.5 Cooper, Brett Cornelius Oregon
10 900.5 Spielman, Kendall Silverton Oregon
11 869.5 Kristensen, Gary Happy Valley Oregon
12 861 Sison, Erick Portland Oregon
13 829.5 Wessling, Aaron Portland Oregon
EXH 814 Kristensen, Gary Happy Valley Oregon
EXH 708 Spielman, Kendall Silverton Oregon
14 617.5 Raunig, Brett Vancouver Washington
EXH 616 Johnsen, Jeff boring Oregon
15 449.5 Anderson, Billierose Toledo Washington
16 427.5 Possert, Michael Warren Oregon
17 388 Anderson, Austin Beaverton Oregon
18 364.5 Buell, Jaxon Cornelius Oregon
19 357 Anderson, Larry Toledo Washington
20 322 Hernandez, Alanea Independence Oregon
21 300 Marshall, Charity Castlerock Washington
22 283 Clayton, Brandon Glenoma Washington
23 259 Cryderman, Ron Silverlake Washington
24 222.5 Hubbard, Brian Castle Rock Washington
25 221 Rooney, Maria Silverton Oregon
EXH 221 Clayton, Brandon Glenoma Washington
26 209 Tognietti, Joey Salem Oregon
27 193.5 Sekreta, Matt Medford Oregon
DMG 1,697.50 Sherwood, Jim Mulino Oregon
DMG 1,203.00 Spriggs, Jason Albany Oregon
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